Waterslide Decal paper clear inkjet A4

Waterslide Decal paper clear inkjet A4
Waterslide Decal paper clear inkjet A4
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Inkjet -  Water Slide Decal Paper 

With this waterslide decals you create lovely decorations all by yourselve. Print your images and details on the highest quality and apply it on almost any surface such as metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc. The decals are mainly used for modeling, nail-art, candles, lures, glasses and much more. 

Decals are generally intended as a decoration but not for decorating consumables. If you really want to do this, we recommend working with a clear varnish or epoxy (Envirotex) for the maintenance of the decal. 

The decal paper excist of  an adhesive layer and a water soluble layer. The final decal consists only of ink with an adhesive layer below it. By soaking in water your ink will release, it is very important that you varnish the decal beforeyou place it in water.

Quick method (detailed process you will receive with your order): 

- Print the desired image onto the decal paper 
- Paint the decal with clear varnish 
- Cut out the picture
- Place the decal in warm water 
- Remove the decal from the carrier or shove it directly on the surface of your object (depending on size) 
- Wipe with a cloth and let it dry. 


Tips and important information: 

- Wooden surfaces must be finishes first.
- Some plastics have a poorer adhesion and the decal release during drying. You can first varnish the surface and than apply the decal to your object
- The adhesion can be increased by heating the surface with a hair dryer or in the oven (180-200 degrees - 10 minutes). Obviously, the surface must be suitable for heating. 
- Instead of a clearcoat, you can also use Magic coated paper.This allows your glass or ceramics bake in the oven (180-220 degrees). The higher the temperature the better the adhesion. Obviously, the object and the ink can stand this heat. After baking you can wash your glassware by hand. 
- The "clear" version will not cover the surface of non-printed parts. For example, color or texture of the surface is preserved. Your ink is transparent what makes a color a little mix with the color on the surface. A yellow decal on a blue surface can be greener or darker. 
- The "white" version covers the surface. Spaces in your print without color will be white. 
- Some clearcoats are thin and flexible release and placing the decal can be difficult. We recommend the clear coat of Spraymax or an other 1 or 2k clearcoat (2 to 3 layers thick). Some types, brands and old varnishes respond to your ink. A test print is recommended with other clearcoats.

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Wim - 08-05-2020 12:12

Fijne snelle service en super dat een klein enkel stuks product ook de mogelijkheid heeft om met postbus post te verzenden

Merel Meeng - 23-01-2020 09:59

Voldoende verpakt en goede kwaliteit /prijs


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